Why passion can lead you to meaningful success

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Do not die with your music still in you.” (Dr. Wayne Dyer)

“80% of us are not happy”

In 2010 research done by Deloitte’s showed that 80% of the people they interviewed were not happy with their job or in their job. How come? What is the cause of this and maybe more important, what is keeping them from changing the situation?

“At the end, your thoughts might become a self-fulfilling prophesy”

2010 was in the middle of the last economic crisis. Finding a job was not easy, so everybody tried hard to keep on to theirs. Even if that meant, not being happy in doing it. I understand, making a life changing move on the career front is not on top of most people’s agenda at times of economic downpour. But you know what? …It should! Because being afraid of losing your job is the recipe for total loss of motivation and creative energy, and will be the start of a downturn spiral that not only makes life more difficult, but at the end might also lead to your thoughts becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy. And then you might find yourself looking for a job, but without the energy to do it and to convince an employer to hire you.

“Who moved my cheese”

In 1998 Spencer Johnson wrote a brilliant book, “Who moved my cheese”. In this book he tells a parable about two humans and two mice stuck in a maze. Living reasonably happy with the plentiful available cheese. Then one day the cheese was gone. And life suddenly is full of unexpected challenges. The mice were the smart ones here. Because even though they had cheese, they had put on their trainers every day and went out to check what else was out there. They kept expanding their world view and therefore their options. . So, when the cheese was gone from their storage, they already knew what their next move was and left their nest to one of the other storages they knew existed. However, they were not the real heroes of the story.

The real hero of the story is one of the humans. He struggles with the thought of making a lifechanging move, but then decides although all odds seems to be against him, to make that change and leave what was known and reassuring. He was sure there should be more out there then the hardship he was experiencing He left and went out there to look for “better place”, a place of happiness.

“Even if you are not afraid”

This story is great if you are afraid of losing your job and might prepare you for things to come. But it is just as valid when you are not afraid of losing your job. When you are one of those 80%, and change will be the only way forward to happiness.

Scrooge is probably the only person successful despite being miserable, but we all know he is a fictional character. Most people that are successful, are also in a “good place”. This has a lot to do with being in touch with and actively following your passion.

“What is passion? And how to recognize it.”

What is passion? According to the dictionary, passion is “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for something”. I personally consider it to be a genuine uplifting enthusiasm.

Passion is what makes you glow when you talk to others about it. It is what you love to read about and talk about. It is not that wimp about something material, but it is something that is lasting. Not just for now, but something that has always been there, consciously or unconsciously. Enthusiasm that fills you up. Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it very clear in the movie The Shift. “Enthusiasm comes from Greek and means divine inspiration. That enthusiasm is your unconscious, your inner voice, your spiritual leader talking to you. Do not get to the end of your life to wonder if you could have done it differently and with more experience of happiness.”

“Is it not hard?”

If it would be easy, the number of unhappy people would not be 80%. But if you know what secret tool you have available, things might get a bit easier. That secret force is your life energy. Energy that you derive from what makes you glow and love, from your passion. Tap into your passion, and you will tap into your life energy, and they will enhance each other, giving you a head start on making that change.

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“And yes, following your passion is a proven recipe to (meaningful) success”

Passion or enthusiasm is what you would like to do or could be doing right now, but might not be doing. Why? Maybe because you are afraid of change. But like Albert Einstein said, “If you keep doing things the same way, the outcome will also always be the same”.

So, if you feel passionate about something, get enthusiastic about something and you are yet not doing something with it, that means there is an alternative path for you. One that might require change, but might also bring joy and happiness. And if that is important to you, even success.

A lot of the people that we consider successful are or were passionately about what they were/are doing. People like Bill Gates, Mohammed Ali, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Although not completely scientific, just a look at the short list above shows that there is a likely relation between passion and success, between following your passion, being in a good place and being successful in what you like to be doing. Having success that has meaning to you besides in a material way, real meaningful success.

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