Moderating Startup Boot Event

On December 14th I moderated at one of Startup Boot’s well organized events. The event was all about what to learn from mistakes made in 2017, and how these lessons can help you progress.

The Panel was formed by:

  • Renske de Bruine of Winkler

  • Erwin van der Vlist of Speakap

  • Wybo Wijnbergen of WeWork

  • Matthijs van Schendelen of Endeavour Group

The most important lesson people took home from this event was the importance of choosing the right people to work with. Apparently a lot of startups fail due to miscommunication and discrepancy between expectations between parties involved. Whether is concerns your co-founder, investor or future employees, choosing the right ones is essential for your success.

About the organisers:

Startup Boot is the connector of founders, startup CEOs and entrepreneurs. By organizing proactive events they inspire like- minded business people to learn from one other and grow their businesses. To create a new concept, they believe in the power of diversity and creativity without being afraid of sharing your ideas and visions. They can help your startup with WBSO, European subsidies, funding, development, coaching and more. Startup Boot is run by Nick Reineman, who is sometimes referred to as the “networking king” of Amsterdam, due to his enormous network of startups and investors. If you are a startup and need the right contacts, an investor or help with getting subsidies, Nick is the man to turn to. Join Startup Boot on and come to the next event.

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