There is a solution for what went wrong

It should be summer, it isn’t. At least not here in Amsterdam. So what… try tomorrow. And that goes for most things, it is not about what went wrong or what is not here, but about how you deal with falling, getting up and moving on again. Or in the words of the rap poet Tupac Shakur:

I know it seems hard sometimes,

But remember one thing,

Through every dark night,

There’s a bright day after that.

So no matter how hard it get,

Stick your chest out,

Keep ya head up,

And handle it.

Tupac Shakur

If you do not let go of what is not right now, your life will be one of loss and missing. But there is a solution, you can determine how you feel by shifting to another way of thinking, so start thinking differently. Instead of thinking failure, read lessons that will help you to be successful tomorrow. Instead of missing, see what you already have (achieved). If you think in a positive way, you will feel positive.

Think different, feel different and instead focusing on the fact that you fell down, focus on getting up. You decide.

Be your own source of positive energy, your own source of happiness.

Enjoy life,


If you have any questions about how coaching can help you with the abovementioned subject or any other, do not hesitate to contact me (either in English or Dutch) at or at 036 - 848 34 77.

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